У ефірі з’явились перші FT8 роботи

Детальна інструкція по налаштуванню власного FT8 робота у відео від SV5DKL

Fully automated FT8 QSO’s

What was only a matter of time has now become a reality – fully automated QSO’s with FT8.

Efstathios SV5DKL has a video tutorial explaining the process of how he, in his words, can make contacts while “out for a beer with friends or family” by using QuickMacros. The legality of unattended transmissions notwithstanding, I like the idea and am fully aware of how this will absolutely p!$$ off a lot of (most?) people.

There are already numerous complaints of the “impersonal” communication this type of operation enables. Are you kidding?! FT8 is already impersonal! It’s one computer working another – there is no possibility of any real personalization with this mode. Canned macros are all that’s being sent, or more correctly, automated canned macros, being sent with auto-sequence enabled.

Complaining about this further step toward automated QSO’s is akin to driving 75mph in a 65mph zone and then complaining about someone who’s driving 77. They meet your definition of speeding, but you doing 75 in a 65 doesn’t!

I will try out SV5DKL’s method but have no intention of spending $60 after the trial ends. There will soon be a variety of such programs from which to choose dedicated specifically to FT8, JT9/65.

Happy DXing!

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